To all who served with the 85th Engineers
Across Italy
Across France
And into Germany
That little fellas might live free

Lance Burrows 19.09.2022 15:52

I am Larry's brother. He commented below me here. Our grandfather was DONK.

Rod 22.09.2022 01:43

Sounds like you have an interesting trip planned. I hope to trace the 85th’s path some day. I do not know if there are any remnants of where the 85th crossed

Lance Burrows 19.09.2022 15:51

I am hoping to travel along the Volturno and Garigliano Rivers to see if there is any evidence of their bridges left. If you have any other info, would be appr

Rod 22.09.2022 01:45

I do know there are remnants of where the 85th crossed the Rhine at Worms, Germany.

Lance Burrows 19.09.2022 15:49

Rod. Thank you so much for putting this page together. It is very well designed and very informative. I will be traveling to Naples, Italy next month.

Larry Burrows 15.03.2022 00:59

My name is Larry Burrows and my grandfather is Paul Burrows, a dozer driver nicknamed "Donk". He was is the *85th. I was curious if anyone had any stories?

Rod 20.06.2022 01:06

There are photos of Donk in the Italy photos on the website. I remember my father mentioning Donk several times but I do not recall the specific stories.

Rod 31.07.2021 22:08

85th landed at Oran, North Africa,not a safe place to visit. You might want to start in Italy at Port of Bagnoli. Then follow the “Italy” history here.

Rod 31.07.2021 22:13

The history provides their path. From Italy they landed in France. The history on the website provides that route traveled. Same with Germany

Alexandra Lee 25.07.2021 15:22

My husband's father, Charles I Robertson from Pa, was in the 85th. We thought we might try and take a trip following in his footsteps. Is a route assembled?

Alexandra Lee 25.07.2021 15:23

I had to be cryptic in that message above.... few characters allowed. Anyone have a route which could be followed? Thx.

Aurelia Bila Rivera 14.10.2019 17:29

My Dad was Alfred Bila, would love to share stories with others.

Patrick Seamans 24.07.2019 02:32

I have just found a photo of the whole group of the Engineers in front of the Arch of Triumph in Paris. I need its date. Contact me at my email address. Thanks.

Rod 29.07.2019 16:17

Sorry, but I can't help you with that photo. The 85th was never in Paris as a unit.

Judy McMurry 17.01.2019 21:27

My Father Sam Hopkins was in the 85th engineer. I wonder if any one is still living that was with him. He was from Sneedville tennessee.

Rod O'Barr 23.01.2019 21:39

Hi Judy, Your father Sam visited my dad back around 2004. I sat in on their visit and had a great time hearing the stories. I am not aware of any still living.

Pete 03.07.2018 18:43

Adam and and Hopkins are also listed in Leonard's book.

Pete 03.07.2018 18:09

Rod, in Leonard's service book he listed his buddies.M.H Obarr, box 393 Cullman, Alabama, along with M.L. Obarr same address.your relation?

Rod 03.07.2018 18:29

My Uncle was MH and my dad ML. They were twins.

Pete 03.07.2018 09:48

Rod, I will try to get you a pic of Sgt. Kramer and his car. I also have his purple heart and diary leading up to days before his death.

Rod O’Barr 03.07.2018 16:11

Thank you sir! He deserves a special tribute.

Pete Brunow 02.07.2018 12:11

Yes we have photos in uniform when he was in Milan,Ohio. My mom who is 92 used to ride in his car and still does. But she has photo.

Rod O’Barr 03.07.2018 05:06

Could I trouble you for a scanned copy emailed to me to put on the website.

Rod O’Barr 03.07.2018 05:04

Is there a possibility of sending me a scan? Would like to add it to the website.

Pete Brunow 02.07.2018 01:58

My wife's great uncle Leonard Kramer killed in action Anzio Feb. 12, 1944 was part of this battalion. Buried in Sicily American Cemetary. We ride in his car now

Rod O’Barr 02.07.2018 02:28

Interesting! In the section on Italy under “Official History” you will find the official account of his death. Do you have any photos of Sgt. Kramer?

Ed Carroll 07.11.2015 21:38

Learned a lot about what my uncle (Joseph E Foy) did in WWII -- thank you

Karen kleparek 23.04.2015 02:32

Hi Rob, thanks for honoring my dad so beautifully. I miss him so. This site looks great! Wishing you well. Karen GENTRY Kleparek

Rod O'Barr 25.05.2015 21:07


Thank you so much for the contribution you and your father made to this website.


Louis gérard 03.03.2015 17:20

I live a lunéville and I look at your photos,, I am a historian they are wonderful for
  look at our website (histoire-lorraine.fr)
thank you to you for our freedom, we are working to duty of memory for 40 years for your soldiers

Lance Burrows 19.09.2022 15:48

Can you send me an email lanceburrows@hotmail.com. I would like to ask your advice where to visit in order to follow the route of the battalion. Thank you.

Lance Burrows 19.09.2022 15:47

Hello Louis. My name is Lance Burrows. My grandfather, Paul Burrows, was part of the 85th. I live in Barcelona and was planning a trip next year or maybe later

Marion J Chard 13.04.2014 18:23

Rod - I like your new page. Nice layout.

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter "Monday" Poniedzialek
540th Combat Engineer Regiment

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23.10 | 01:21

Glad you enjoy the site. Your grandfather was a worthy commander.

15.10 | 21:32

LTC Perdue was my grandfather. I love reading about where he served and what he did during WWII. Thank you for your work on gathering all of this information.

22.09 | 01:45

I do know there are remnants of where the 85th crossed the Rhine at Worms, Germany.

22.09 | 01:43

Sounds like you have an interesting trip planned. I hope to trace the 85th’s path some day. I do not know if there are any remnants of where the 85th crossed