.45 revolvers were issued at Belvoir

Horsing around with the .45

First issued were denim uniforms

Setting up machine gun tripods

Cleveland "Banjo" Harris and Guy Faulk

Mel O'Barr on cook duty

The Battalion Twins Milt and Mel O'Barr in summer khaki

Company Clerk John J. O'Rourke

Over exposed!

Milt O'Barr on kitchen duty

Down time at Belvoir

Kitchen duty

Mel O'Barr

Peelin tators

Fine cars and fine tobacco

Mess Sargeant

Belvoir Service Club

Mess Sgt Love

Sgt Love and Mel O'Barr

The Belvoir "boardwalk"

Mel and Milt on the Potomac.

Robert Toole ain't no fool

Robert Toole, note tag on car

Woodrow Carter

Mel O'Barr and Robert Toole

Milt O'Barr and Sgt Joe Schimpf

Charlie Minnix once rode with Lucky Teter show

Toole with a halftrack

Mack truck issued to Milt O'Barr

Bridge training begins

Mel O'Barr in front of dry land bridge

Milt O'Barr, Carl Breloff, and unidentified in an Assault Boat

Milt O'Barr and Hudgins

Weapons carrier crosses an overpass

Cold weather camp site

Preparing for bridge work

The 85th in Training: Ft. Belvoir
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23.10 | 01:21

Glad you enjoy the site. Your grandfather was a worthy commander.

15.10 | 21:32

LTC Perdue was my grandfather. I love reading about where he served and what he did during WWII. Thank you for your work on gathering all of this information.

22.09 | 01:45

I do know there are remnants of where the 85th crossed the Rhine at Worms, Germany.

22.09 | 01:43

Sounds like you have an interesting trip planned. I hope to trace the 85th’s path some day. I do not know if there are any remnants of where the 85th crossed