Anti aircraft on LST in Port of Bagnoli 10/16/43

Port of Bagnoli from LST

Mel O'Barr, Carl Breloff, Milt O'Barr,Alfred Backaus at Naples

Charlie Minnix

Dozer operators

Dozer driver they all called Donk


Engineer with Donk

Donk on Dozer

Crane operators

Crane operator

Guy Faulk and his truck Rebel

Roy Farmer

Sgt Feldman in that Italian mud

Eannone Salvino

Mel O'Barr, ?, Russel Kent,Walter Skulski

Leo Galli

Cleveland "Banjo" Harris

Banjo and Skulski with Banjo's truck Alabama Banjo

Russell Kent,Charles Hallings, Walter Skulski

Kent, Faulk, Hallings, Harris, Donk

Faulk, Kent,?,?, Harris, Donk

Russell Kent

Kent, Skulski, Hallings

Kent, ?, Skulski and weapons carrier for tent

Company clerk Barney Fartello

Gregorio gets news from home

Mike Depetrio

Purple Heart recipient Steve Puto and the kitchen truck

Steven Godek and Sam Rappaport

Stanley Bonczyk, Al Beck, Maurice Wiles, Peter Schmidt

DiAngelo and Mitchell

Stephen Godek, Rockard Mannon, Bill Gentry, Al Beck

Sang opera to officers, "Oh shitonya, whoa pissonya"

Italian orphans adopted by the 85th

Charlie Minnix and orphan in the Liri Valley. They called the boy "Downbeat"

1st row: Allen, Jacobs, Brooks, Scott, Erwin. 2nd row: Isenberg, Perrin, MacNutt, Saunders, Graves, Hessin. 3rd row: Purdue, Porter, Nagel, Solow, Brand, Hunt, Parker, Karwales, Campbell.

Volturno bridge 10/17/43

Volturno bridge handled 2334 vehicles and 1770 troops in 24 hr period

At Venefro, Italy 11/15/43

Donk's dozer hits a double teller mine 2/11/44

The blast kills one and wounds two

Improvised dump truck rebuilding house 2/13/44

Donk repairing culverts 3/3/44

Donk surveys damaged culvert

Bailey bridge at Teano, Italy 2/28/44

Coffee break

Chow in the shade

Chow line

A place called Million Dollar Hill site of fierce battle

This German bomber won't harass the 85th any more

Downed fighter

German Bunkers out of the fight

Cycle scout

Infantry Support bridge on the Garigliano, Winter Line 4/2/44

Hunt and Brand at infantry support bridge

French Algerian soldiers were in the area and trained with the 85th

Teller mines used to clear the mouth of the Volturno 4/9/44

Company A poses with the 5th Army Plaque 4/22/44

Minnix, Donk, Brazier, and Stallings wih 5th Army plaque

85th Officers and 5th Army Plaque

For outstanding service in the face of serious obstacles

Lt. Hunt and men at the Garigliano

Training French Algerians

Donk and ponton trailer

Dozer on the Garigliano River

Bridge work begins on the Garigliano

Garigliano River bridge 4/30/44

180' long and built under the cover of darkness in 4 hrs

Gariliano valley pock marked with shell craters 5/5/44

Bunker at the Garigliano bridge, site of card games and hunkered engineers

Garigliano bridge shelled 5/5/44

Garigliano Bridge shelled again on 5/14/44

At a cost of 15 pontons and a purple heart Garigliano

"Shrapnel" Johnson below a shrapnel hole in ponton

Garigliano, ponton in foreground is riddled with shrapnel



Sgt Bulldog Jones at the Garigliano


Charlie Minnix and pillbox on the road to Cassino 5/44

Minnix on the road to Cassino

George Davis on Minnix' Harley "Lucky"

Battle damaged Cassino 5/44

Minnix at the foot of Monte Cassino and bombed Abbey 3/44

German tank out of the fight on the road to Anzio 5/29/44

Tiber River bridge 6/6/44, sight of heavy shelling, 305'

Diamond T wrecker

German prisoners

Captured German diary with 85th autographs added

Breloff, Puto, Piper, Leo Galli, Charles Hallings, at rest camp 7/14/44

Rest camp

Company B arrives in Italy 8/28/44

Woodrow Carter on LST to France 9/6/44

LST to France

Loading LST to France 9/3/44

Sgt. Bulldog Jones on LST to France 9/6/44

LST to France

Photos of the 85th in Italy
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