Bill Gentry on a "piss call" during a convoy

Crossing the Siegfied Line on the way into Germany

Milt O'Barr and captured German 88 artillery

Tommy Ammons inside captured German gun emplacement

Bill Gentry in Worms, Germany awaiting mess call

Backus and Ammons break for lunch

Double ponton load ready to bridge the Rhine

Nibelungen tower and the Ernst Ludwig Bridge at Worms as it appeared pre-war

The 85th's bridge site as it appears today

A ponton drifts down current during construction

Ponton raft

Ponton raft with tank

Ruins of the old bridge at Worms

3/26/45 bridge construction began at Worms

Sign marking indicating the name of the bridge

3040 vehicles crossed in the first 24 hours

Artillary crosses the Rhine

Tank crosses the Rhine

German troops surrender crossing the bridge

Guarding the bridge

Careful watch for the Luftwaffe

Skulski at the base of the Ernst Ludwig Bridge Nibelungs tower

Rare color photo of the Alexander Patch ponton bridge

The bridge at Worms as it appears today

The Nibelung Towers adorn each end of the bridge

Document awarding the Purple Heart

General Patch's letter commending the 85th

Photos from a captured German photo album

Faces of the enemy

German vehicle photo from the album

The Gar Davidson Bridge across the Rhine at Mannheim

French soldiers at the Rhine

Heavy ponton anchor

Staying warm while guarding the Gar-Davidson

Armor crosses the Gar

Sign naming the bridge

3823 vehicles cross in the first 24 hrs

View from a Mack truck window

Bridge approach at Mannheim

Inspecting the bridge

Bill Gentry on the Rhine

Pontoon treadway bridge also built at Mannheim

Guarding the Gar bridge

View from a Mack truck

The old bridge destroyed by a retreating enemy at Mannheim

War's destruction

The 85th pulls to the side of the road to allow Patton to pass

The Danube is bridged 4/26/45

Morning Report on a wounding at the Danube

The Danube bridge

German prisoners cross the Rhine

More POW's

Bivouac at Salzburg

Bill Gentry with carbine ready due to post war snipers

Hitler's bomb damaged residence at Berchtesgaden

The journey home on the autobahn

Convoy home

Mechanical problems on the autobahn

A more relaxed time at war's end

Duffle bags packed for home

The 85th in Germany
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23.10 | 01:21

Glad you enjoy the site. Your grandfather was a worthy commander.

15.10 | 21:32

LTC Perdue was my grandfather. I love reading about where he served and what he did during WWII. Thank you for your work on gathering all of this information.

22.09 | 01:45

I do know there are remnants of where the 85th crossed the Rhine at Worms, Germany.

22.09 | 01:43

Sounds like you have an interesting trip planned. I hope to trace the 85th’s path some day. I do not know if there are any remnants of where the 85th crossed