7/10/45 having turned in their vehicles the 85th entrained at St. Ermo.

One of many cigarette camps the 85th passed through on their way to board ship

Living quarters

Mel O'Barr ready to board ship at the port at Le Harve, France 7/17/45

Boarding ship for home 7/17/45

Arrived at the Port of Boston 7/27/45

Entrained for Camp Miles Standish 7/27/45

Last march on US soil

Booklet issued to the troops

1960's reunion: back Milt O'Barr, Clifton Trimble, Woodrow Carter,Talmadge Freeman, Mel O'Barr, Banjo Harris, Carl Breloff.

Woodrow Carter and Captain Hunt

1970's Banjo Harris, Talmadge Freeman, Clifton Trimble, Sunshine Perry,LutherHunt,Woodrow Carter, Milt O'Barr.

1980's last reunionSeated: Capt. Luther Hunt, Woodrow Carter. Standing: Banjo Harris, Clifton Trimble, Milt O'Barr, Talmadge Freeman

Mel O'Barr's uniform as modeled by his nephew Kris O'Barr

A collection of US military issue from WWII

British WWII issue

German and Japanese issue

The 85th Heads Home
And the Reunions that followed
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23.10 | 01:21

Glad you enjoy the site. Your grandfather was a worthy commander.

15.10 | 21:32

LTC Perdue was my grandfather. I love reading about where he served and what he did during WWII. Thank you for your work on gathering all of this information.

22.09 | 01:45

I do know there are remnants of where the 85th crossed the Rhine at Worms, Germany.

22.09 | 01:43

Sounds like you have an interesting trip planned. I hope to trace the 85th’s path some day. I do not know if there are any remnants of where the 85th crossed